The Health Benefits Of Honey – Vigorous Herbs

Regenerated immunity

Beneficial for the health, honey adapts to several dishes and enters perfectly into the composition of various succulent recipes . There are  different types of honey with different flavors and different properties, which will pair differently with your dishes. There are among others honeys made from flowers , lavender honeys or even chestnut honeys. . Obviously each of these products has its own virtues and benefits. It’s up to you to choose your honey according to your tastes and needs.

The Health Benefits Of Honey - Vigorous Herbs
The Health Benefits Of Honey – Vigorous Herbs

We can combine the useful with the pleasant knowing that honey gives a new youth to the immune system . Scientists have confirmed healing properties that have been known for centuries . Indeed, antioxidants such as flavonoids present in honey promote healing and cell regeneration. People who suffer from seasonal allergies or inflammatory problems, for example, can benefit from a daily dose of honey in their diet . The same is true for the flu in the cold season. Honey can also be used in the composition of anti-urticaria creams .

Hydrating power

Honey is also endowed with lubricating properties on the mucous membranes of the mouth . It is then an excellent remedy to calm irritations in the throat  in case of dry cough, sore throat or cold. In these cases, it can be swallowed or incorporated into a gargling liquid . Honey is applied to inflamed or irritated gums, or even during teething in babies.

The application of honey to the hair as a treatment mask helps restore shine after attacks . You can even create your own mask based on honey, soap and olive oil. So you will have a natural product of quality, good for the body. Chapped lips regain their suppleness with daily treatment with honey balm.

Antibacterial effects

This natural beehive product has properties that help inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi and prevent their proliferation. A drop of honey on a wound can, for example, prevent the appearance of an infection. A little honey in her face mask calms certain types of acne . The prebiotic effect of honey is evidenced by its action on the balance of the intestinal microbial flora, by stimulating the bifidobacteria and colibacille necessary for good digestion.

Good sugar

In honey there is fructose, which is sugar. But here, it is a better sugar than the sucrose contained in white sugar, which is also refined, which has lost its nutritional value. There is a lot of energy to be gained by replacing your morning sugar with two spoonfuls of honey. The energy obtained from this carbohydrate is used over the long term by the body, which is essential for athletes who want to avoid the rapid drop in blood sugar levels.

Those who need to take a sweetener instead of sugar, such as diabetic patients, may opt for honey, but do not take too much. As the sugar promotes the oxidation of ethanol in the liver , honey is an excellent remedy in the aftermath of drunken nights. Finally, if you are looking for a natural way to cure your sleep disturbances, consider drinking a cup of hot honey-sweetened milk .

The benefits of apitherapy

Apitherapy is the use of bee products for therapeutic purposes . More particularly in the field of beauty and well-being. As we have just seen, honey has many properties . It is antibacterial, antioxidant (that is to say, it reduces the formation of free radicals responsible for premature aging of the skin), anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic. 

This is why now, in France, honey and its therapeutic virtues are increasingly recognized. Indeed, bees produce many quality products for health such as honey , pollen, propolis, royal jelly, wax or even venom.

In France, apitherapy is the subject of much research and work. More and more people are interested in the many benefits of honey. It is a natural product rich in vitamins , minerals and glucose, which is very easy to obtain. 

Apitherapy is a “soft” medicine which is based on the different properties of honey . Each beehive product has its virtues. For example :

  • Honeys: recommended for hydration and healing of wounds.
  • Royal jelly: restorative and anti-aging properties.
  • Pollen: strengthens nails and hair.
  • Propolis: purifying effects. 

The virtues of honey for health are therefore no longer to be proven. It has long been used to treat sore throats , coughs, wounds, or to relieve pain associated with illness.

The properties of honey are such that even the hospital environment has recourse to apitherapy. Specially prepared honey is used for its healing quality . 

The benefits of honey are therefore numerous: this plant nectar promotes the body’s capacity to retain magnesium and calcium. Honey also helps improve the blood level of hemoglobin.  

Apitherapy is interested in the different types of honey and their properties. For example, manuka honey (which has a darker color and a stronger taste than other honeys) is acclaimed for its healing and antibacterial properties superior to those of other varieties. Herbal honeys generally have the virtues of the plant in question. This is particularly the case with dandelion honey which has the diuretic properties of dandelion flowers. 

Bees keep showing us their importance. Whether in the field of health, care, the nectar they produce provides us with essential elements for our well-being (minerals, glucose, vitamin…). 

What are the calories in honey? 

The benefits of honey are indisputable, but is it a high calorie product? We often hear that this bee product makes you fat. Many people prefer honey over sugar for their drinks or yogurts. Are they right? 

At first glance, when we know that a tablespoon of honey contains about 22 calories (while the same amount of white sugar contains 20), we think that honey makes you fat. But this is not quite true. Indeed, this product is rich in nutrients. In 100 g of honey, there are 304 calories, but also 82 grams of sugar, 17 grams of water, and 1 gram of macro and micronutrients.

Like any sweet food, it is recommended to consume it in moderation. It is good to know that concerning honey, there are precise criteria in its composition. It is therefore not because honey is organic that it will have fewer calories. To know the number of calories, you have to know which plant it was made from and look at its color (which gives an indication of the plant the bee fed on).

Is there a contraindication for honey? 

The benefits of honey are numerous, but care must be taken not to give it to children under 24 months (as it can cause botulism, a rare neurological disease).  

Likewise, honey (even organic) is contraindicated for people with diabetes. Although it contains nutrients, has many properties (antiseptic, antioxidant, etc.) and is good for the skin, honey remains a product rich in sugars . 

However, it is important to choose it well. Prefer, if you can, honey sold by local producers rather than in supermarkets.

What is the composition of honey? 

Although there are various varieties of honey, its general composition remains the same. Honey is made up of 17% water, 79.5% carbohydrates, and 3.5% other particles. Of course, there are sometimes other components depending on the environment in which the honey is harvested (bees do not all feed on the same plants depending on the region). This is what makes the richness and diversity of this product.  

You have to watch out for “fraudsters” who add more water or sugar . This is why the composition of honey meets well-established criteria. It must be able to be verified by chemical analyzes.

As we have just seen, the benefits of honey are many and varied . In a reasonable dose in the diet, it has therapeutic virtues. Find Out For More Detail: Vigorous Herbs

Amla – The Fruity Booster For The Immune System And Hair – Vigorous Herbs

Amla, Amalaki, Amla Berry (German Amlabeere), Indian gooseberry, fruit of the myrobalan tree – the Amla berry knows many names. And has even more positive properties! No wonder that more and more health-conscious people are buying amla berries, be it in the form of hair oil, powder, capsules or tablets. What role do amla berries play in Ayurvedic healing? How should I take amla powder? Why are amla berries considered a superfood and Indian beauty secret? These are typical questions that active and nutrition-conscious people ask themselves about the “fruit of youth and beauty”. Medicom gives you the most important answers.

Amla - The Fruity Booster For The Immune System And Hair - Vigorous Herbs
Amla – The Fruity Booster For The Immune System And Hair – Vigorous Herbs

The super fruit of the amla tree
The Amla tree (Phyllanthus emblica, also Emblica officinalis) thrives in the tropics and sub-tropics, where it reaches heights of up to 23 meters. Its round, yellowish-green fruits ripen in autumn. If you eat amla berries fresh and raw from the tree, the sour-bitter taste will make your mouth tighten. However, the fruit is also common and popular in powder form. In India, powdered amla berries are traditionally drunk as tea, processed into fruit puree or served in jams, chutneys, pickles and juices. You can also easily mix amla powder in smoothies or use water to make a natural hair care product.

The strongest antioxidant among fruits

The sour fruit owes its power to a high vitamin C content and abundant phytochemicals. The latter in particular are known for their strong antioxidant properties. Other nutrients that make Amla Berries a superfood are minerals such as iron and chromium as well as proteins and fiber. For this reason, some see amla as a real miracle cure that has a positive effect on metabolism, detoxification processes and general well-being. Amla also owes its reputation as an Indian beauty secret to its ingredients. Amla use is said to make the skin cleaner and the hair fuller and shinier, especially by rebalancing dry scalp. Whether you use Amla internally as a booster for your immune system,

Amla Berries in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, Amla is one of the three “king fruits” in the legendary rejuvenating agent Triphala. Designations such as “the fruit of youth and beauty” show the importance that the Amla berries were assigned in Ayurveda centuries ago. Apart from that, the Amla berry is supposed to harmonize the doshas. These are three basic energy patterns that occur in a slightly different mixture in every living being. The amla berry should generally balance out all doshas, ​​but above all the pitta dosha. In simple terms, one could say that the regular intake of amla berries reduces or prevents over-acidification of the body. The areas of application of the amla berry in Ayurveda are ultimately too diverse to be appreciated here. Basically, this superfood is ideal for everyone who boosts their defenses and is stressed.

Aloe Vera: The Timeless Beauty Ingredient – Vigorous Herbs


Aloe Vera: The Timeless Beauty Ingredient - Vigorous Herbs
Aloe Vera: The Timeless Beauty Ingredient – Vigorous Herbs

Aloe Vera was discovered in ancient Egypt and was called ” the plant of immortality ” there. As a herbal remedy with healing powers, it helps nourish the body from the inside out, fight digestive problems, and strengthen the immune system. For centuries, aloe has been used as a miracle cure for burns, wound healing, psoriasis, sunburn, frostbite, inflammation, osteoarthritis, cold sores and other serious topical injuries. And with its effects on the face, skin, hair and scalp, it is no wonder that this medicinal plant is considered a timeless beauty ingredient that is contained in many essentials used to date.

With all known uses of aloe vera, it is simply worth giving this plant the attention it deserves. So in this article, we’re going to examine some relevant facts and the benefits that come with them.


Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) is actually a cactus plant from the Liliaceae family. It is native to places with hot and dry climates and is identified by its dark green, fleshy leaves that excrete a clear gel from the plant when it is broken off.

It is a succulent plant that offers many benefits and is suitable for all skin types, especially dry, damaged, sensitive and irritated skin . It provides anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, moisturizing, and soothing, antipruritic properties for the skin.

It is used topically as an antiseptic and a moisturizer. In the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, aloe vera is considered a natural miracle weapon and has become more and more popular as an indispensable ingredient in natural cosmetics, especially in recent years

What made this plant even more popular are the benefits it offers. Aloe vera is filled with a wide variety of nutrients, including vitamins A, B, C, D, E, B12, copper, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. Added to this are the enzymes and fiber that further increase the health benefits.

That being said, however, are the beauty benefits of aloe vera that have made it a preferred ingredient in many beauty products.

Aloe Vera is a valuable substance that is used in the cosmetics industry. In the article below, we’ll go a little deeper into why it’s an absolute must to incorporate this natural wonder drug into your cosmetic routine.


The healing properties of aloe have been known for thousands of years, and we maintain this long tradition, especially in the use of Korean beauty products with 100% natural, pure aloe vera.  

Composition and nutrients of the aloe vera plant:

Aloe vera leaf juice is widely used in cosmetic formulations and consists mainly of water, along with polysaccharides, anthraquinones, amino acids, glycosides, minerals, flavones, phytosterols and salicylic acid.

Polysaccharides give the aloe its moisturizing, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties and at the same time form a protective barrier on the skin.

Aloe contains a large number of anthraquinones , which have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

Flavones offer further protection against free radical damage.

Phytosterols are anti-inflammatory, soothe and soothe itchy skin, moisturize and protect the skin from transepidermal water loss.

Glycosides promote healthy cell renewal and offer antihistamine (antiallergenic) properties, while vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids care for the skin.  

Aloe vera’s well-known soothing properties, antioxidant content, and obvious hydration benefits make it a powerful ingredient supplement.


With all of its amazing minerals and antioxidants, it’s no wonder we’ve used aloe as a base for numerous cosmetic and skin care products. As you age, fine lines begin to multiply and the general loss of skin elasticity increases. Organic aloe vera is the perfect nutrient-rich base and many times more effective than normal water. There are an abundance of antioxidants and minerals found in aloe vera juice that help keep your skin functioning optimally, so read on to find out why you should make the switch to green skin care products.

The moisturizing properties of aloe vera are great for all skin types, especially skin that is on the drier end of the spectrum. Aloe vera contains two natural hormones: auxin and gibberellins, which have been shown to aid wound healing and have anti-inflammatory properties. These hormones help stimulate the growth of new cells in the skin, which can speed the healing process and reduce scarring. Aloe Vera is primarily used for the following skin problems:

·dry skin

·Psoriasis (inflammatory skin disease)

·seborrheic dermatitis


·Skin burns



The aloe vera essence is characterized by a large number of excellent (skin) properties. Below we summarize the most important ones for you in an overview:


The tolerability of the aloe vera gel is considered excellent, this has been proven by decades of studies. Aloe has a low irritant potential and is therefore also suitable for extremely sensitive skin . Since aloe has a calming effect on the skin, it can also be used on sensitive and irritated skin without any problems


Rich in anti-inflammatory and cooling properties , it is considered one of the most popular uses of aloe vera to soothe sunburned skin. The sugar substance acemanan heals smaller wounds and burns by putting a kind of protective coat around the skin and protecting it from viruses and bacteria so that the skin can heal faster and unhindered. The antioxidants and minerals it contains ensure quick healing. The aloe gel has a calming and cooling effect and promotes the regeneration of damaged skin cells.


The aloe vera gel consists of over 90 percent water , which is why it is often used in cosmetics as a moisturizing lotion, especially for dry skin, Therefore, dry and irritated skin in particular benefits from the effectiveness of this plant, as aloe vera stores the moisture in the skin for a longer period of time, so that you do not have to re-cream during the day.

Aloe Vera leaves the skin plump and hydrated, without traces of fat and leaves the skin feeling pleasantly fresh. Aloe Vera is an effective beauty ingredient that moisturizes and softens the skin without clogging the pores. Known for its moisturizing properties, it can also be used as an aftershave treatment and is usually found in cosmetics, especially in products designed for the treatment of dry skin.


Since aloe has a calming effect on the skin , it is particularly recommended for dry and irritated skin. The power of this effective plant is also popular with acne and skin rashes.

Due to the cooling effect and the anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera can be used for a painful wasp sting or an annoying mosquito bite. It relieves itching and counteracts inflammatory processes

The miracle plant can also help with sunburn and minor burns, as it also has a cooling effect.


Compared to water, aloe can penetrate the outer skin layer four times faster and thus accelerate the multiplication of skin cells. These are some of the reasons it has great results when it comes to treating cuts, burns, and wounds. In addition, studies have shown aloe vera to be effective in reducing the healing time for first- or second-degree burns.

Aloe vera is also very effective at improving skin elasticity as it can heal overstretched skin and reduce the visibility of unsightly stretch marks. For this reason, aloe vera products are used with preference during pregnancy and after birth.


Aloe Vera is also often used in anti-aging care. The aloe extract (gel) is quickly absorbed through the skin. It provides the skin with intensive moisture and thus quickly reduces wrinkles caused by dryness . It contains extensive antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, which stimulate the skin’s own metabolism and thus prevent skin aging.

Aloe vera is fortified with more than 75 nutrients, including vitamins C, E and beta-carotene, which are endowed with anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. With regular use, it can make the complexion look more youthful and vital and even help to reduce the appearance of blemishes on the face. In addition, aloe vera increases collagen production, promotes the regeneration of the skin barrier through increased production of elasticine, reduces wrinkles and makes the skin look smoother and younger.

TIP: In conjunction with lemon juice, aloe vera can help reduce age spots and freckles.


Aloe acts effectively as an astringent, the extract reducing pore size, helping to keep excess sebum, dirt and bacteria away. Aloe prevents inflammation and allows pimples and problematic acne areas to heal faster. In addition, aloe vera is a wonderful moisturizer, which means that no further greasy and oily creams are necessary for irritated skin. This combination of anti-inflammatory and moisturizing ingredients ensures that the power plant gives your skin a smooth and flawless appearance.


While aloe vera acts gently on the skin, the aloe essence is filled with cleansing and antimicrobial properties that can help in the treatment of acne. Aloe vera contains approximately 3 percent saponins are glycosides. It works by protecting the skin from bacteria and pathogens that can cause infections. Substances like glycoproteins are found in aloe vera that are effective in reducing redness and inflammation. Therefore, aloe vera is also recommended for acne, psoriasis or dermatitis.


Aloe Vera for cleaning

Cleansing with aloe-containing skin care products is one of the best ways to prepare your skin for stressful everyday situations, as cleansing is the first step in a typical skin care routine.

If you use a cleanser that contains aloe, it is skin-friendly as aloe vera has the ability to repair the skin from the stress of the day and restore the skin barrier. If there is sunburn, acne scars, or blemishes, aloe vera is your best friend.

Aloe Vera for hydration

Since the best-known property of aloe vera is that it is very good at hydrating the skin, it makes sense to look for a moisturizer that contains aloe vera in combination with other, complementary ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and various citrus fruit extracts .

Aloe Vera for repair

When faced with an acute acne breakout or pigmentation spots, aloe vera may not be the first thing you use to cover it up. However, it should definitely be on your cosmetic list for more serious skin injuries that require rapid and extensive repair and healing. If aloe can heal burns, frostbite and cold sores, then why shouldn’t it be able to heal your blemished or shadowy eye areas ?

The healing power of this wonder plant goes far beyond its effects on sunburn and other skin damage.

Noni Juice, Fruit Extract: Good Effects Of The Indian Mulberry Tree

The Indian mulberry tree with its exotic noni fruit, with noni juice and the noni fruit extract bring numerous health effects.

Noni Juice, Fruit Extract: Good Effects Of The Indian Mulberry Tree
Noni Juice, Fruit Extract: Good Effects Of The Indian Mulberry Tree

The Indian mulberry bush, originally from Polynesia, produces the noni fruit, noni juice and noni fruit extract. Basically, the locals ate the noni fruit as food during major famines. Also, people use the health effects of the noni fruit and noni juice as a remedy. The mulberry leaves, roots and bark also have a positive effect on health. Technically, the Indian mulberry bush is called Morinda citrifolia from the Rubiaceae plant family of the red plants.

Noni juice and noni fruit extract from the Indian mulberry tree

In 2003, in the form of the fruit juice, Noni was approved as a »novel food« within the framework of the EU. However, this is not a confirmation of possible health benefits, as the European food authority EFSA emphasizes. Noni is a green fruit that is about the size of potatoes. Furthermore, the fruits are as consistent as the pineapple. In addition to the positive effects on health, various parts of the mulberry bush are also used in cosmetics.

After all, the noni juice is said to have extensive positive health effects. Against heart disease and high blood pressure, inflammation and stomach ulcers, and even against depression and cancer. However, there is currently no scientifically verifiable evidence for such effects. That is why it is not possible to scientifically confirm such positive effects on the basis of the available study data.

Because of a series of experimental findings such as the inhibition of neogenesis and the proliferation of tumor tissue as well as the degeneration of existing vessels in the tumor and apoptosis, scientists began to work scientifically with Noni. Experts also discovered moderate antioxidant properties in this context.

Noni juice does not harm the liver

Originally it was assumed that the noni juice was not all that harmless. For example, a few cases of acute hepatitis have been documented after consuming noni juice for 1 to 4 months, but these improved after stopping it. However, a review by the EFSA did not reveal any convincing evidence that noni juice was the cause of the liver disease.

One of the ingredients is the so-called proxeronine, which is called a colloid on the one hand and an alkaloid or an enzyme precursor on the other. The term biochemical compound is most likely to apply.

Finally, the safety assessment by the EU’s Scientific Food Committee showed that based on the data, no special health-promoting effects are to be expected from noni juice. Other products also contain ingredients such as antioxidants , which are, however, supposed to have positive effects.

How Can You Naturally Strengthen Your Psyche And Cope With Stress?

Everyday life can be quite stressful. Every day we face new challenges that we have to master. But sometimes the batteries are simply empty and cannot be recharged so quickly. We are virtually permanently energized and only work. But at some point it just doesn’t work anymore, we’re burned out . Now at the latest the moment has come when we open the door to mental illnesses: sleep disorders, inner restlessness, depression or even burnout can be the result.

How Can You Naturally Strengthen Your Psyche And Cope With Stress?
How Can You Naturally Strengthen Your Psyche And Cope With Stress?

There are a variety of programs to counteract physical complaints. But what about the soul? What if she is sick and we just notice that we are losing performance – not only in the office, but maybe also in private life? It is time to strengthen your psyche and give illnesses no chance . Incidentally, this does not always require drug treatment. We will show you the means you can use to strengthen your psyche, how you can arm yourself against psychological problems and how you can promote self-healing.

Improve mental health with home remedies

Home remedies are still underestimated these days, but they can be extremely helpful when it comes to promoting self-healing. After all, there are now many plant-based drugs available . So why resort to medicines directly when nature gives us enough options?

1.St. John’s wort :

The plant is a real miracle cure. It not only helps against skin problems or period pain, it has also established itself in the therapy of mild depression . The medicinal herb will help you improve your mood or alleviate your anxiety. Caution : St. John’s wort has many interactions with medication – for example with the birth control pill. If you want to strengthen your psyche with St. John’s wort, you should definitely clarify this with your doctor so that you really solve your problems and not worsen them 1 .

2.Daisy :

The medicinal plant of 2017 delights both our eyes and our mood. It is known for its excellent effects on herpes, acne and bruises , but it also lifts our spirits . We recommend a delicious brew made from daisies 2 .

3.Valerian :

the herb is not unknown. It helps you fall asleep, has a calming effect and inhibits the breakdown of what is known as gamma-aminobutyric acid . If you want to relax after a long and stressful day at work, valerian is an efficient remedy 3 .

4. Lemon balm : Lemon balm grows in many gardens and is simply very tasty as a tea. But did you know that the plant also helps against sleep disorders, nervousness or exhaustion ? Hildegard von Bingen already knew about the effect of this remedy, so you shouldn’t do without it if you want to strengthen your psyche.

As you can see, naturopathy is not rocket science , nor has it anything to do with obscure treatment practices. Back to the basics – unfortunately almost forgotten in many places, but no less effective than some drugs.

Strengthen psyche and nerves by reducing stress

Everyone has a different level of stress. What can be done without problems for you may be too much for someone else. So that you don’t even get to a point where you are no longer efficient, you should strengthen your psyche by reducing stress .

However, you have to differentiate between positive and negative loads :

·Positive stress :

You are more productive and more alert. This is good and lets you achieve your goals even under adverse circumstances.

·Negative stress :

The workload is just too high. Constant feeling of stress is neither good for your mind nor for your body. For example, if you have a very stressful job, you should strengthen your psyche to meet the demands 4 .

With appropriate stress management and burnout prevention , you declare war on psychological stress. Always try to find a balance that will help you switch off. You can do this by making time for walks, music, or exercise. This is the first step in strengthening your psyche.

Mental and physical health

Head and spirit are related and should therefore be in harmony with one another. Because if you are not feeling well mentally, this often affects your body as well. Because of this, nutrition is very important to physical and mental health. Because what’s the name of it? Food is good for the soul . Treat yourself to a piece of chocolate every now and then and enjoy it to the full. Because the delicious delicacy is known to make you happy. And after all, if you want to strengthen your psyche, a little luck can’t hurt. Did you know that there are many foods that are beneficial for the mental state?

That would be for example :

·Broccoli : works against insomnia and depression

·Salmon : affects happiness hormones

·Walnuts : creates a good mood

If you are under stress, however, you should stay away from fast food. This is especially true at a late hour. Because what is heavy in the stomach will haunt you even at night 5 !

Our tips to strengthen your psyche

In order to avoid the problems in everyday life, you don’t necessarily have to unpack heavy calibers. Small things are often enough to improve your mental health in everyday life or at work.

Maintain social contacts :

It is important that you keep in touch with your friends and relatives. A good conversation with a boyfriend or girlfriend is the ideal way to really let off steam and talk everything off your chest. It also helps you prevent loneliness and give you other thoughts.

Effective Nutrients Against Stress: These Foods Relax The Body And Nerves – Vigorous Herbs

In project management in particular, things are often hectic. Set deadlines, unexpected difficulties, transparent communication – no wonder that stress is omnipresent. But did you know that you have a significant influence on your stress levels with your diet? We introduce the most important nutrients for reducing stress and show which foods you should really hit.

Effective Nutrients Against Stress: These Foods Relax The Body And Nerves - Vigorous Herbs
Effective Nutrients Against Stress: These Foods Relax The Body And Nerves – Vigorous Herbs
Stress as a result of resource depletion

The demands of professional and private everyday life, our individual needs and external stimuli together form a challenge that our body has to deal with every day. In contrast, there are the resources available to us. If the challenge exceeds our resources, a stressful situation arises .

In such a case, our body releases the hormone cortisol , which is supposed to regulate your blood sugar level and blood pressure. The hormone tries to keep you healthy, prevent infections and ensure your performance. Most of the time it works quite well. It gets worse when such situations occur more frequently and stress becomes chronic – this condition makes your body sick!

The right foods for less stress in everyday life 

Cortisol is supposed to regulate stress. However, wrong foods cause your cortisol levels to rise so much that your body has to try to equalize them again. At the same time, stress affects our digestion, as stress expert already confirmed. The food ingested can be used more poorly and a nutrient deficiency occurs. The body is no longer efficient. Insomnia , infections or restlessness are the result.

However, you can avoid deficiency symptoms with the right foods. In the following, we will introduce you to the most important nutrients with which you can prevent stress and also show you which foods contain particularly high levels of these nutrients.

Nutrients as a real miracle cure for stress


The mineral ensures a balance in the metabolism, healthy nerves and a healthy brain. At the same time, magnesium has an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effect, reduces tension or nervousness and reduces stress.


The mineral  strengthens both the skeleton and muscles and ensures a healthy heart rhythm and metabolism. A lack of calcium can lead to osteoporosis or muscle weakness and trigger anxiety.


The mineral  is responsible for the transmission of stimuli, regulates blood pressure and ensures the functionality of our muscles. A deficiency can lead to symptoms of paralysis, high blood pressure or restlessness.


The amino acid  is important for the development of human organs. L-tryptophan produces hormones and vitamins that ensure our well-being. A deficiency manifests itself in mood swings and fatigue.

vitamin B

Vitamin B12

The vitamin B12 is involved in the formation of blood and protects the cardiovascular system and the nervous system. It promotes concentration and calms the body. A deficiency in this vitamin makes you tired and weak.

vitamin C

Ascorbic acid is an important antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals in the human body, which are mainly formed under stress. Vitamin C thus combats stress, promotes concentration and mood.

Vitamin D

The vitamin D is involved in regulating processes in the human body cells. Vitamin D is not only effective against susceptibility to infection, but also against fatigue, poor concentration and sleep disorders.

Skilfully prevent stress – with these foods!

Whole grain pasta, crispbread or muesli
These products are perfect magnesium suppliers.

The banana is also a real magnesium bomb.

lentils, beans or peas provide magnesium and a lot of calcium.

Dark chocolate is a good source of magnesium and tryptophan.

No matter what kind, nuts contain magnesium, vitamin B, vitamin E and potassium.

Oat flakes
These flakes are a source of magnesium that also includes B vitamins.

Dairy products
Milk contains vitamin B, calcium and phospholipids that help prevent nervousness.

Egg yolks
Eggs are the best natural source of vitamin B12.

Sweet Potato
This food is a vitamin bomb and provides vitamins A, B and C.

The citrus fruit provides valuable antioxidants such as vitamin C.

Red cabbage
The valuable vegetable provides plenty of vitamin C and potassium.

This healthy food also provides the body with potassium.

Hormonal yoga & medicinal herbs – Vigorous Herbs

HORMONE YOGA is a special yoga with exercises that activate the hormone glands and balance the hormone balance. In calm and dynamic poses, we bring hormonal balance into your body. Hormonal yoga is particularly suitable for menstrual cramps , for women who are going through menopause or are just going through this phase, or simply for anyone who wants to keep their hormonal balance in balance .

Hormonal yoga & medicinal herbs - Vigorous Herbs
Hormonal yoga & medicinal herbs – Vigorous Herbs

Vigorous Herbs introduce most effective herbal supplements: Anabolic Charge

Noni Natural

Omega Rich

Fountain of Youth


Fluctuating hormone levels are a common cause of physical discomfort or infertility. Stress, living conditions, the environment or menopause all promote the imbalance of your hormones. Symptoms can be: hot flashes, hair loss, insomnia, headaches, imbalance, listlessness or depression. HORMON YOGA is a holistic system that also has a positive effect on the immune system, metabolism and circulation . You can use it to improve your metabolic functions, which also helps you lose weight.

Experience the effectiveness of nature with all your senses

We start this workshop with a herbal tour through the meadows of our region. You will get to know local wild herbs , which you can also find right in front of your door. With fresh herbal tea and homemade tinctures, we combine the yoga exercises with the healing power of herbs to stimulate the hormone metabolism. Vigorous Herbs is a trained herbalist and will lead us into the world of herbs in this workshop and share her extensive knowledge with us. It shows you the subtleties of each plant in order to prevent confusion as much as possible and also how to use them in the kitchen and in the medicine cabinet. 

The workshop includes:

♥ A professional herb tour (getting to know local spring herbs)

♥ A very special yoga unit (approx. 60 minutes) outdoors with a wonderful view

♥ Making teas and tinctures from freshly collected herbs

 A little herbal surprise

♥ You can of course take the herbs you have collected home with you 

Experience the  Nature with all senses. Feel your body like never before, through the movement and the effects of the herbs. In harmony with the idyllic nature in our beautiful home. 


As a woman, you experience constant changes in you throughout your cycle. Menstruation initiates the conclusion and at the same time the start of a new cycle. As your hormonal inner workings change, so do your needs and maybe your moods. Sometimes being a woman also brings its challenges with it. Herbs  can be a wonderful way to accompany you through your cycle if you are feeling unbalanced.

Hormonally, the two main hormones, estrogen and progesterone, take the lead alternately and decide on the fertile and non-fertile phase. This interplay can be supported by lady’s mantle, raspberry leaves or sage.


Sage is better known as a medicinal plant during the cold season. Drunk in the first half of the cycle, but also has a positive effect on your hormone balance. Sage also relieves cramping during menstruation and inhibits excessive perspiration during menopause. Sage must be avoided in any case, especially when breastfeeding.


Raspberry leaves are particularly popular as a tea towards the end of pregnancy. They help the body prepare for the birth. Similar to lady’s mantle, raspberry leaves also have regulating properties. A combination of raspberry leaves in the first half of the cycle and women’s mantle tea in the second half is particularly useful.


The lady’s mantle is one of the most famous women’s herbs. It is popular with women in every phase of femininity. It has a positive effect on the cycle, for example if it is irregular. In addition, it soothes cramps during menstruation and soothes restlessness.

Fear Or Stress? These Natural Nutrients Have A Calming Effect – Vigorous Herbs

Do you currently suffer from stressful feelings of fear and worry? You are not alone in this. Most of us are troubled by limited social contacts. It is uncertain when everything will be normal again, and that scares us. Fortunately, nature can support us with soothing nutrients like saffron, tryptophan, inositol, and magnesium.

Fear Or Stress? These Natural Nutrients Have A Calming Effect - Vigorous Herbs
Fear Or Stress? These Natural Nutrients Have A Calming Effect – Vigorous Herbs

Herbal Supplements for stress and anxiety: Rejuvenator

The nervous system in balance

To understand how stress affects our body, one must first distinguish between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

The sympathetic nervous system keeps us awake and active.

The parasympathetic nervous system allows us to calm down.

When everything is in order, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves are in balance. While the sympathetic nervous system tends to set the pace during the day, the parasympathetic nervous system takes over the scepter during rest and in the evening. Every form of chronic stress has a disruptive effect because the sympathetic nervous system then becomes overactive again. Heartbeat and breathing go faster, but digestion is not getting enough energy. There are fewer relaxation hormones such as serotonin available in the brain, which increases unsettling, negative feelings.

What we eat every day can also mean chronic stress. Mainly industrially processed foods with a lot of sugar, artificial additives, caffeine, saturated fatty acids, and trans-fatty acids activate the sympathetic nervous system. Conversely, a diet with plenty of organic vegetables, enough protein, and healthy fats promotes the parasympathetic nervous system so that the sympathetic nervous system can come to rest. Regular exercise in the fresh air and enough sleep are the basic requirements for a well-functioning nervous system. Regular meditation can also make a significant contribution: it normalizes blood pressure and lowers cortisol and adrenaline levels.

The importance of serotonin

You probably know serotonin as a happiness hormone, but it also fulfills many other functions. Serotonin is indispensable for many nerve functions, for example the sleep-wake cycle, the regulation of body temperature and the feeling of hunger and satiety. Serotonin also promotes cell communication in the brain. Various studies show that people with depression, anxiety or dementia have lower levels of serotonin in the brain.

Nutrients that support the serotonin balance

Saffron has been used in countries like Iran, India and China for centuries for its calming and stress relieving properties. Current research confirms that saffron (the nutrient broken) helps treat mood disorders. Improvements in both depression and anxiety were detectable within six weeks. Anxiety could even be reduced by over 50%. The lowest dose studied in the studies is 15 mg twice a day. without any significant side effects. Just like antidepressants, it modulates the reuptake of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.

The essential amino acid tryptophan soothes and is converted into serotonin (happiness hormone) and melatonin (sleep hormone).

The concentration of inositol in the brain is related to the state of mind. For example, people with depressive disorder have a significantly lower inositol concentration. Inositol supplementation has been shown to help with depression and mood and anxiety disorders.

Magnesium is involved in numerous processes. A magnesium deficiency lowers the serotonin level in the brain. Magnesium supplementation reduces the level of anxiety and stress. Choose an easily absorbable, organic magnesium compound such as magnesium glycerophosphate. This form of magnesium is primarily beneficial for the brain and is less laxative than other forms.


We should all stay as relaxed as possible during these stressful times. Among other things, regular exercise and a healthy diet help us here. You’d rather do without coffee and sugar. If you fancy something tasty, enjoy this one calming evening snacks or healthy peppernuts. A combination of the above (herbal) nutrients can support you physically and emotionally.

What Is Asthenia?

Differentiate between “normal” fatigue and abnormal fatigue or asthenia

Feeling tired after intense physical exertion or intellectual activity is normal, as this sensation goes away with rest.

What Is Asthenia?

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Fountain of Youth

The asthenia is an abnormal fatigue when it remains even after the break (or when it disappears only partially). It causes the unpleasant and painful feeling of being unable to carry out daily activities. The person suffering from asthenia thus feels an imbalance between what he has to accomplish and what he feels capable of doing.

Often, the following terms are also used in this regard:


weakness ;

loss of strength;

intellectual inefficiency;


lack of spring or energy;

impression of being always tired , “washed”, exhausted, “emptied”, etc.

If these symptoms last for more than six months, it is called chronic asthenia .

Fatigue: a frequent complaint

10 to 25% of people who see a general practitioner complain that they are always tired . 6 to 7% see the doctor mainly for this reason, women being more concerned.


Fatigue can be due to a problem with the health of the body, mental health or be reaction to the environment. Very often, it results from an interweaving of these different factors.

Reaction fatigue

Temporary, it finds its origin in disruptions in lifestyle , for example:

insufficient rest:

lack of sleep (late beds for example) with episodes of drowsiness during the day ,

irregular sleep due to repeated jet lag or nocturnal awakenings of a child;

unsuitable work: professional inactivity marked by boredom and demotivation or on the contrary overwork, professional burnout;

a stressful situation; 

a disturbed physical condition:

intense physical exercises,

muscle loss caused by lack of physical activity  (sedentary lifestyle) or malnutrition;

family difficulties: emotional breakdown, loneliness

Viral infectious diseases ( influenza , infectious mononucleosis , Covid 19 , etc.), bacterial ( pyelonephritis , tuberculosis , Lyme disease,  etc.) or, more rarely, parasitic diseases are frequently the cause of fatigue which passes with their healing and the end of convalescence.

Surgery, especially if performed under general anesthesia, or childbirth  is a source of fatigue.

Psychic asthenia (psychasthenia)

It is the most frequent fatigue . It manifests itself by morning weariness (“want of nothing”, difficulty starting the day), or even by other associated symptoms:

trouble sleeping ( insomnia );

a loss of vitality, a lack of enthusiasm, a demotivation;

a deterioration of the physical state: decrease in appetite, multiple pains

Most often, this form of asthenia is due to depression , anxiety disorders , a depressive phase of bipolar disorder or eating disorders ( anorexia nervosa in particular).

Fatigue due to chronic disease of the body

The weakness is present during different chronic diseases:

the anemia by iron deficiency . It is a frequent cause of fatigue and it is all the more intense as the anemia is severe and appears quickly;

chronic infectious diseases ( HIV , chronic hepatitis B , chronic hepatitis C );

certain endocrine diseases ( hypothyroidism , type 2 diabetes , insufficient secretion ofadrenal glands , etc.);

autoimmune conditions ( lupus , Crohn’s disease , etc.);

neurological damage ( Parkinson’s disease , multiple sclerosis , etc.);


chronic diseases such as heart failure , chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD ) or chronic kidney disease ;

the fibromyalgia  ;

sleep-related illnesses:

sleep apnea , 

restless legs syndrome ,

insomnia ,

narcolepsy, hypersomnia .

Asthenia linked to taking toxic substances or drugs

A Fatigue can also be caused by:

medication : psychotropic drugs , sedatives antidepressants diuretics analgesics antihistamines , interferon , certain antihypertensive drugs , etc. ;

the consumption of narcotics (cocaine, lsd, etc.) or alcohol ;

chronic lead poisoning (lead poisoning ) or carbon monoxide .

A special case: chronic fatigue syndrome

This disease is called chronic fatigue syndrome or yuppie syndrome ( young urban professionals ) . It occurs suddenly, most often in people of about 35 years, very invested in their daily activities.

Symptoms last more than six months and can be varied:

permanent asthenia;

deep fatigue;

intolerance of standing; onset of discomfort after exercise;

memory and concentration problems ;

muscle and joint pain, poorly systematized, compatible with the criteria of fibromyalgia  ;

“infectious” type symptoms: lymphadenopathy (enlargement of the lymph nodes), pharyngitis, moderate fever and a feeling of “hot / cold”.

This disease has a strong socio-professional impact.

There are many causes: infection (due to a herpes virus, bacteria such as Borrelia or Brucella , etc.), immunological problems and psychological disorders.

Natural Food Supplements For Athletes – Vigorous Herbs

Natural food supplements for athletes – Vigorous Herbs

Many athletes use dietary supplements to do something good for their body, to feel fit or to increase their athletic performance. First of all: whether there is really a deficiency in a certain vitamin or trace element can only be determined by a doctor’s check. An unbalanced diet and the use of certain medications can cause nutritional deficiencies. Vegetarians and vegans in particular should keep an eye on their iron and vitamin B12 balance.

Natural Food Supplements For Athletes - Vigorous Herbs
Natural Food Supplements For Athletes – Vigorous Herbs

Best Herbal Supplements for athletic performance: Anabolic Charge

A little tip: If you want to use dietary supplements, you should make sure that the ingredients are as natural as possible. There are many manufacturers – it’s best to get advice from your trusted pharmacy!

We have listed some of the most famous vitamins, minerals and trace elements for you, along with the foods in which they occur naturally.

Vitamin C

Whether as an effervescent powder, capsule or tablet, vitamin C as a dietary supplement is very popular in winter! Especially when you practice winter sports such as skiing, ski touring or cross-country skiing, this vitamin can prevent colds and strengthen the immune system. However, vitamin C can also be easily absorbed through foods such as currants, kiwi, broccoli, spinach or potatoes. Half a raw paprika already covers the daily requirement of vitamin C!

Omega 3

Omega-3 fatty acids have positive effects on blood lipid levels, blood pressure and heart rhythm. A daily intake of an average of 300 mg is recommended. Since omega-3 fatty acids are mainly found in fish such as salmon, tuna or mackerel, dietary supplements for vegetarians and vegans are ideal for taking care of their omega-3 balance. Linseed oil, walnuts, chia seeds and dairy products also naturally contain omega-3s.


The main task of the trace element iron is to bind oxygen from our lungs to the red blood pigment hemoglobin. Iron also plays an important role in blood formation! Fatigue, brittle fingernails and dark circles can be signs of an iron deficiency. Foods like beef, legumes, vegetables and mushrooms provide the body with iron naturally. If there is a pronounced iron deficiency, doctors sometimes recommend iron-containing food supplements, for example in capsule form.


The vital mineral magnesium is essential for the function of muscles and is therefore particularly relevant for athletes. A magnesium deficiency manifests itself in muscle twitching, muscle tremors, muscle cramps and a racing heart. As a dietary supplement, it is often taken in the form of effervescent tablets. Important natural sources of magnesium are nuts, wholemeal bread, cereals and seeds.

B vitamins

The so-called “B vitamins” have a regulating effect on the carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism and support blood formation. Vitamin B 2 is important for athletes who are concerned with nutrition and metabolism. This B vitamin plays a special role in the conversion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates into nutrients and is found in milk and whole grain products, among other things.

Our conclusion: Healthy recreational athletes who do not exercise more than 15 hours a week can actually do without dietary supplements if they have a balanced diet. If you still want to use effervescent powder, capsules, etc., you should first clarify with a doctor whether there is a deficiency and how the preparations should be dosed.

Here at the Vigorous Herbs there is a weekly opportunity to carry out a vitality and health check with a specialist. In addition, our head chef is available to answer questions about nutrition – and this is of course included in the price for our guests. We wish you good luck and a good meal!

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